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Flat stomach, probably not pregnant?
itcanthurtyou posted:
I worry a lot that my ex might be pregnant. It's been six months now and her stomach feels completely flat, at least around her belly button/lower. It feels like it always has. Just a little pooch at the bottom and then what feels like a wall of abdominal muscles. She's only like 5'3" but sort of stocky. She also says still still gets her period. I didn't grill her on it (because it's a little awkward to talk about it) but she says it's "the same as it's always been". I was with her almost every morning in the months after a possible conception and she never had any sort of morning sickness. We never actually had sex but she might have had an exposure to my pre-ejaculate 6 months ago. There doesn't seem to be any agreement on whether that has sperm in it or not.

She thinks I'm crazy to be worrying so much about it, and she's right but I always worry about "what if". It's not any help that that show on TLC has women who don't know they are pregnant. It makes me think "What if she's one of them?" Were they all really fat or something?

**question** Is there some way a baby could be laying with one way pointing right under her ribcage so that I wouldn't have felt it around her natural waist? If it was laying sideways, I would image it would still poke out just as much. Your stomach feels harder under your ribcage because you have bones supporting the skin.
jenica1432 responded:
wow, has she taken a test, or seen a doctor. I mean if you think she is that far along she really needs to see a doctor for prenatal care
itcanthurtyou replied to jenica1432's response:
Whoops, should have made that clear. She hasn't taken a pregnancy test or seen a doctor about it because she doesn't think she's pregnant since what we did is unlikely to result in that, plus she hasn't had any obvious symptoms.

I'm just throwing this out there to see if there are any other signs I should watch out for, especially if a baby can lie a certain way to where you can't feel it.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
If she's been having regular periods and you never really had sex, pregnancy is not very likely. Yes, there have been cases where a woman did not know she was pregnant but it's not common.
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