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mirena advise on pregnancy???
An_249962 posted:
Hello. I just wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience or can shed any light on mine. I have had my mirena iud in since December 2011. I bled with it until October/November and have since completely stopped bleeding. I attributed it to the hormones stopping my period like it was supposed to. Well I have started to have breast pain/ tenderness/ and fullness. I have been peeing almost non stop and am incredibly tired all of the time. I decided to go ahead and test. I have had three positive hpt's. I called the doctor and got right in with them. They did a hpt, blood test internal exam and an ultrasound. My hpt was positive, my blood had a very small amount of the hormone, but enough to pick up on the test and my ultrasound was completely negative. During the internal exam she told me that she could no longer feel the stings to my iud and the ultrasound revealed that the stings have been pulled into my uterus. I have no idea what to think and am really scared more about the uncertainty of the situation. I don't understand how i am getting positive urine tests, there are some hormones showing in the blood but there is nothing on the ultrasound.

I am very scared about the way that this situation may or may not work out. I am driving myself crazy trying to get answers and the only thing I am getting from the doctor is "welcome to the 1 percent" I know what she is talking about, but I do not find the humor in the situation, I really just want answers. Is there anyone that can shed any light on my situation???/

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