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kateml322 posted:
The story is... I've always had regular periods - on BC I had regular periods and when I came off of BC I had regular periods, even when my body when to it's own cycle. I've been off of BC for about a year and my body has been on her own cycle for about 4 months now, a very reliable cycle.

About 10 days ago my significant and I had sex and the condom broke. I shrugged it off; I figured the chances of me getting pregnant on that day by that one time were slim. When I checked my ovulation days we had had sex on the last day I was fertile (from what the calendar says on this site).

Fast forward, this week. Friday I had very light pink discharge that lasted most of the day, nothing serious. When Saturday came, it was a little heavier so I thought it was the beginning of my period, but my period isn't supposed to come for another 5 days at this point. So I start to get worried.

The bleeding has been very light and different than my usual period which strikes me as odd; I have no cramps or normal feelings that come with my period, my period isn't usually this light in color (it's a bright red) or amount and doesn't usually start off this slow.

I looked up implantation bleeding and I fit all of criteria with the amount of days it takes and the time period and whatnot... but my question is...

The reading I'm doing on implantation bleeding says the blood is light in color or pink, or light brown. Mine is light, but bright red. Would mine be considered implantation bleeding or am I just overreacting?

And how soon can I take a pregnancy test?

Thank you....
Digital_Nebula responded:
I have a similar situation to yours, I too am waiting to find out. I also have bright red light bleeding and I am right now 5 or 6 days before my period. Have you found out if you are pregnant yet?

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