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Pregnancy possibility?
anbm2012 posted:
I was on Seasonale for about a year; last pack was December. (Took a month off this month because of continual breakthrough bleeding.) Noticed my libido is increased; needless to say, hubby and I have been more "active" than usual. We have been using condoms, but only after a few minutes without it to sort of get things going. About a week after my last period (ended around New Year's), I noticed that my discharge was thinner and more profuse than usual; I'm guessing that's when I ovulated because I also had ovulation pain. Six days ago, I had sharp pains in my lower left pelvic region that lasted for about two days. The pain was almost nonexistent as long as I was sitting or lying down, but when I went to get up from the sitting position it would occur, feeling like a "stitch." If I was on my feet for a long time, I would get an ache and have to sit. I thought it was a cyst because I've had them before, but there is no lump and the pain has since stopped. My cervix seems to be more sensitive for the past week as well; when my husband and I are in the act I get a weird tingly sensation if he goes too deep. Yesterday I woke up with sore nipples and that continues today. I have been pregnant three times (one MC), but I don't recall these symptoms with my others. My period is due in the next five or so days. Any help would be great.

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