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Help, what is in my uterus? could it be a baby?
Jasmine34 posted:
Hi, I have had 4 previous pregnancies. I have children aged 10, 8, 4 and 2. With my second I tested negative for pregnancy, this was picked up by blood test when I went to the Doctor for pain. The hgc levels rose too slowly and they thought him to be eptopic but, then found him behind a large cyst. I was 8 weeks. My pregnancies with my last two (girls) I had 2 periods (or period type bleeds) with each.

My period was due on the 9th of January, I am usually quite regular. Instead I had pain in my lower right ovary location and headaches and cramps... all the signs of a period. My period then arrived on the 13th. I started to feel sick, the pain on the left increased and I also had pain in the right. My period lasted 3 days and was half it's normal flow, or at least, I used half the pads... maybe less than half, changing them to be clean rather than them being full. I went to the Doctor, he put me on the pill and said to come back in two weeks. In the last week, I am having cramps, they feel like braxton hicks this is the only thing I am able to relate them too. I have pressure down there. The pain on both the left and the right has gone. I am now feeling a bulge above my pubic bone, it seems to be a pointed bulge. It is bigger before I urinate and when I am standing and my jeans have become uncomfortable.

I still have a week before I go back to the Doctor but, this is worrying me now, I feel more sick every day but, I understand this could be nerves. I do not think I am a candidate for hysterical pregnancy. I did suffer 2 weeks feeling incredibly broody in early December but, quickly resorted back to my feeling of not wanting any more monsters lol

The Doctor put me on the pill to ease my "pregnancy" symptoms and said to come back if the pain persists but, it has stopped. Is there anything you can tell me to put my mind at rest? My Doctor gave me a "look" I am nervous about waiting to go back and nervous to go back in case he thinks I am wasting his time.


Jasmine34 responded:
Do the Doctors look at these?
lovebird79 replied to Jasmine34's response:
Hi Jasmine34 - sounds rough - so sorry

First, I would say, don't worry about how your doctor feels... he is there to help you determine what's going on and if he makes you feel like you are inconveniencing him, than you need a new doctor.

I've had doctors tell me not to worry about something - no big deal, just deal with it - and then I switched doctors and found sources to my issues (digestive) and got them fixed.

You know your body better than any doctor and if you KNOW something's not right, you need to demand they find out what it is.

If you are worried, tell the doctor you need to come back in sooner - and if he cannot get you in, try another doctor

Good luck

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have heard the same thing from my sister who is the mother of five so this is more then likely true.. More
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