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Pregnant or imagining things?
Rose26 posted:
Where do i begin?
I Had a very odd period Jan. 8th...heavy, blood clots. Just a weird period for me. I started noticing how tender my were boobs during my period but that's normal…but after I finished my cycle I was still having tender boobs and I was having slight abdominal pressure like the way i do when im about to start my period. I just kinda chalked it all up to the fact that maybe I was just have left over PMS symptoms. But on Jan. 16 & 17 I was vomiting early in the morning. Since then my symptoms haven't subsided. But now I've noticed my boobies are swollen, hurt and my areolas are darker around the edges, discharging still and its thick and white. And I feel waves a nauseas throughout the day. I should be expecting (or not expecting) a period Feb. 6ish. And I've taken a couple home pregnancy tests. Yes I may have jumped the gun and taken them too early but is it possible that I had a miscarriage? Could I be having left over pregnancy symptoms or could i be pregnant. Is it possible to ovulate RIGHT after your period? I guess I could wait and see if I miss my period next month but im so impatient and having trouble not thinking about it when every day I have these reminders! Any comments?

-Sorry for the novel but thank you for reading!

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lovebird79 responded:
I'm having similar issues.

I got my period - it was heavy as usual the first two days, but now it's gone - it usually lasts for at least four days of heave and three light days.

However, for me the weird part is that I am not having any PMS symptoms like I always get: Terrible cramps and super sore boobs... not this month.

However, I do have headaches and a bit of nausea and a LOT of bloating and my boobs are BIG but don't hurt.

I wish I had an answer to your question, but wanted to let you know you aren't alone
Rose26 replied to lovebird79's response:
Thank you for your response. How frustrating right? i know their are a handful of different circumstances which makes it so hard to know whats going on!
Much luck to you!

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