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    Preggo with the Mirena??
    momma1311 posted:
    Hey Ladies, I've read thru all 4 pages of ya'lls posts. I wish each of you the best in your situations. I got my Mirena in Aug 2012 (I've had 2 children already), I thought the Mirena would be great cuz it lasts 5 yrs and cuz there was pretty much 0% risk of getting preg on it...well so I thought, then I have read all this, so I dunno.
    Well I am thinking that I might be pregnant. I started having very sharp pains in my uterus about 10 days was aweful! I get ovarian cysts a lot but I know it is not coming from that for sure, this is differnt and very defiently in my uterus, The pain has subsided but does still come and go off and on. I can press on my uterus and it feels "firm" just as it did with both of my other pregnancies early on. Now a few times this past week I hahve woken up with nausea, but no vomiting. And I've been having to pee all the time for like 2-3 weeks now. And today I have been nauseated allllllll day long I am getting to where I will feel hungry but nothing looks or sounds good then when I do find something I want, when I cook it, it smells aweful and things I loved now don't seem to taste right. And I've noticed I've been a lil more emoitonal than normally. I am wondering IF I could be preg or not, I have taken 2 home preg tests already... took them a week apart...both were negative. I dont have insurance or money to go to the dr right now but I need to get the blood test I think. I am wondering if the Mirena can give a flase negative while it is still in u, a nurse told me that its highly likely that a preg test at home would say no even if I was since the IUD is still inside me. Just praying IF I am that the baby will be fine and I can carry to term without any problems. To you girls who ARE for sure preggo, how and when did u find out a positive result? (HPT or Blood far along ect)
    any help is greatly appreciated!!!

    Oh and, when I go to feel for my strings to the IUD I can barely feel them now, they was a lot longer then they seem to be now...its weird...??

    Kris10B responded:
    I think I am in the same boat with you, although I have had my Mirena a lot longer than you. Goes to show anything can happen at anytime.....

    Hello ladies, I was sitting at work scrolling through your discussion. It seems that I am not the only one having issues with my mirena. I first had my IUD placed in 2009, shortly after the birth of my first son. At first I didn't have any major problems, other than my ob/gyn admitting that he cut the strings on my IUD too short; claiming that this should not cause any problems.
    Let me start by saying throughout the first year my periods became lighter and lighter until they completely stopped by year 2. Often having monthly symptoms of period; pain in either side of ovaries, more emotional, and increase in discharge; but no bleeding accompanied. One other plus is that my face stayed pretty much break out free!!
    Now having my IUD for 3 years I went back for my annual exam about a month ago and we discovered that OB can no longer visually see my IUD; although they seem to think it is where it should be because I am not pregnant!! I thought this was a joke!!
    Anyways doctor ordered an ultrasound to check placement. My only issue is that I am without health insurance and cannot afford all of these out of pocket expenses.
    Since this exam i have been noticing new symptoms never felt in my 3 years of having Mirena. Instead of pain in my ovaries, I have been feeling a fluttering sensation in the center of my pelvic, my face has been breaking out like I'm a teenager again (which only happened to me when I was preggo with my first son. More recently in the past week I have noticed that my daily morning coffee has been making me sick to my stomach and I love coffee and have been drinking it forever!!! The nausea seems to be slightly progressing, but it is so hard to tell.
    Are there any long term mirena users out there that can tell me if a sudden change in symptoms is normal after years of the same same??
    I so wish I would have never gotten this IUD!!
    Also I have noticed that my cervix feels firmer to the touch from the outside of my pelvic area in the same exact spot I have been feeling the flutters.....
    Can anyone help me out and enlighten me on your experiences?

    Thank you.

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