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Tashamichele posted:
The day I was supposed to start my period, I took a hpt because I'd had symptoms of being was negative. 2 days later, while having sex with my boyfriend,I start seems way worse when I'm sitting was bright red,and I bled a lot of bright red blood until last night,it had changed to brown.i know my body and have been pregnant before,and I know I was.i had a lot of symptoms but my breasts were sore and more bumps popped up,and that never happens from pms.could everything be ok or was it a miscarriage? I thought about taking another hpt this week because I still feel pregnant...
tlkittycat1968 responded:
If you had a negative pregnancy two days before the bleeding, chances are pretty good you weren't pregnant. We all have off periods and this may have been yours.
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lovebird79 responded:
Sometimes stress,illness, or other things can cause your period to be weird - I've had pregnancy-like symptoms before and it was just stress screwing up my cycle.

It is also very common to get a negative HPT before your missed (or not missed) period and still be pregnant because your body may not have built up enough hormones to be detected but everyone is different.

Remember, you know your body best - if you feel soemthing is not quite right, than make an appointment with your doctor to get checked out, de-stress, and see how your next period goes.

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have heard the same thing from my sister who is the mother of five so this is more then likely true.. More
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