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Could i be pregnant?
An_250357 posted:
Ive never been before. In the past 4/5 weeks ive experienced things out of the normal for me. My cm has been white and creamy sense 4 weeks and still continues. A little over a week ago i had a 2 day headache and neck pain. I felt sick last sunday day 2 of my headache and slept majority of the day. not sure if it could have been food poisoning. Durring the week I had a few random mood swings on people. I seemed more irratible. That usually doesnt happen the way it had. thursday i got a random hot flash and my arm had a bloch of red and felt on fire.. Coming to the end of this week , yesterday 3 days before due for my period . I realized I had been peeing frequently and only had 1 1/2 cups of ice coffee all day . I also felt squished in my bra and pjs I find at night Ive have a hard time sleeping and then usually around 3 or 4 pm I get tired an consider taking a nap. I either eat or drink to re engergize. I havent been as hungry. Today I feel bloated my nipples have been hard and sensitive some soft cramping. suddenly im sneezing alot and have a lil congestion i feel like this has been going on for the past week and a half. I had back pain all last week and didnt do anything different then the normal routine. I also seem to notice the smell of cigeretts more then usual. I havent tested i wanted to wait. im due on the 11th and figured ill take one on the 12th. unless my bodies changing but usually this isnt how it happens before my period.

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