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can cramping be an early sign of pregnancy?
ashleeg06 posted:
hello! so i got my IUD taken out in mid december and i believe it was my period a couple days later on the 18th it only lased a couple of days but was really heavy. Then Jan 18th i got my next period was the same as last months only a couple days but bad cramps and everything!! well today is the 18th and im having mild cramping in abdomen and lower back and slight nausea.... i havnt taken a HPT yet more bc im kinda scared to find out ( weird i know) but my husband and i were not having sex when i was ovulating but when i looked back at my calender i realized we had sex a few days before i was supposed to start ovulating and i know sperm can stay in you for 3-5 days!! i guess what im asking is the last 2 months my cycles have been regular even with my IUD taken out recently so im assuming im about late for this one has anyone else experienced this and had mild cramping and feeling like you are going to start your period but didnt cause of being pregnant?? thanks so much!!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Yep, I experienced the mild cramping and the feeling my period was going to start any time with both pregnancies.

I'd still wait a few days and see if your period starts. If it doesn't start by Friday, take a test.
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ashleeg06 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Thank you for the response!! I took a HPT test yesterday cause I still didn't get my period and it was indeed a big fat POSITIVE! My husband and I are shocked!! Now my husband actually thinks I'm farther along than what I think BC actually my "period" that I had last month only lasted a day of bleeding and I was having every symptom in the book of pregnancy and I took a couple tests before I bled and they were negative, so when I bled for a day I never took another one assuming I def wasn't pregnant!! But is that even possible? of that was the case I would be 9 weeks instead of coming onto 5!! Have u ever experienced bleeding for a day or so thinking it was your period and was indeed pregnant??? I guess I will find out next week at my appt!

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