Confused about symptoms
Anon_150616 posted:
My boyfriend and I use condoms every time we have intercourse. Recently we didn't use a condom one time due to the condom causing me irritation but he pulled out and did not ejaculate inside of me. After that incident about a week later I had my monthly cycle like I always do around the middle of the month. I am not sure if it was a regular cycle but it was very light as always and it lasted three days. I had intercourse with my boyfriend on the last day of my cycle when it was very light. We still used a condom. The problem is that that was about the 17th of March and now is the 24th and I started feeling slight pressure around my cervical area. No pain or discharge or painful urination..just a bit uncomfortable but not too serious. I have also had slight headaches and nausea and my breasts are tender enough for me to feel it but not too much. I have not had a child in almost 13 years and I don't know if this could be a sign that I may be pregnant. Could you help me with these symptoms?