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is the left side abdomen pain could be sign of pregnancy?
neela2012 posted:
Waiting to know I am pregnant or not is a painful time each month.... For some reason mind plays games and let body act like I am pregnant... That is the story of my life for last 3 months....... I am trying for my second baby:

** My last period was Feb 9-13
** My cycle is about 25 days
** I usually ovulated around day 11
** In Feb it was late on day 13, I tested OPK every day and came positive Feb 21
** we has intercourse Feb 17, Feb 19, and Feb 21

I am not due until March 6 is it is 25 days cycle. Since last night I am having slight pain on my left side abdomen, kinda like a cramp, also back pain.... is the left side abdomen pain could be sign of pregnancy? Could I be pregnant?
lovebird79 responded:
It's really tough to say.
You can get slight cramp-like pains due to implantation, but you won't really know for sure until you miss that period.

My DF and I started TTC 2 months ago and I did the same thing - I obsessed over it.

The funny thing is, that you stress yourself out when you do that and that can make it more difficult.

So I say just kick back, relax, and wait to see what happens
guitarmomof3 responded:
You sound like me with my cycle and wanting to get pregnant. Yes your body can make you feel pregnant if you are stressing over it. Your cycle days are in line with mine and almost exact length only mine are 28 days like clock work. I was told by my doctor that if I am feeling pain sometimes it can be related to bowel and more so if it is left side. I found that if I eat or take in a fair amount of fiber a day then things flow better and that left side pain is not there.
On another note when it is right side pains for me it is all ovulation and it is so bad the best way to describe it to my dh is to say someone has grabbed his package and squeezes as hard as they can. now you know what I feel. That is my ovulation pain. anything else was or is just cramps and if and when I can remember when I was pregnant it was pain lower and only on the sides like ligament pain or position. That is the pregnancy difference. yes it has to stretch and grow so it hurts, but more in the early first two months when it is bad.

I hope this helps
neela2012 replied to guitarmomof3's response:
Thanks to both of u for ur response... yes, it does help hearing from someone.... gives us hope.... thanks a lot.... My period is due on March, keep praying so we get pregnant this time!!!

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