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Tessielou14 posted:
Hello I'm 18 years old no kids, however I do have the mirenia Have had it for almost a year. They told me I couldn't get pregnant On the mirenia. Well I've always had a period on it. If I didn't bleed I had my period signs. Well I've took pregnancy test they've came back negative. Then I was having lower back pains belly pains and then started bleeding. They ran only pregnancy tests on me those came back negative. But I took three pregnancy test and they came back positive. I have all the signs of being pregnant. My boobs are sore & stuff. I get sick when I wake up no matter what time it is. Like my vagina is sensitive. I'm tired all the time and I sleep longer than normal. I eat more than I've ever ate in my life. I have a baby bump but it's not that big. My body feels a lot different and it worries me to no end. I've also had problems with the iud also I can feel the bottom of the iud it's self. I can also feel the strings I could never feel them before. The knots that on each end of string I can feel the knots too. So my mirena is pretty low I think. My ex an I had had sex billions of times without condoms he never once pulled out. I've always pee right after cause I always had to. But the last time we had sex I didn't go pee right away soo.. I'm have an appointment at the obgyn next Friday.. I have feelings I'm pregnant and I have all the signs I'm worried what do you guys think??
tlkittycat1968 responded:
If you've had three positive pregnancy tests, then you're pregnant. False positives are pretty rare and 3 are pretty much impossible.
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Tessielou14 responded:
Okay thanks, but is all said normal?
An_250560 replied to Tessielou14's response:
It sounds to me like your IUD got out of place and that's probably why you are now pregnant.

Some things you need to know:

1. there are a lot of risks with the IUD so you need to be in a monogomous relationship - having sex with your ex can be dangerous as you have no idea where he's been

2. Peeing after sex doesn't do anything except lower your chances of getting a UTI - it has nothing to do with pregnancy

3. You need to check the IUD string every single month after your period - if they are even a little odd feeling, you need to go to the doctor to make sure it hasn't shifted out of place

Good luck!
Tessielou14 replied to An_250560's response:
Thanks(: like I have gone to the hospital twice now because of pains down there because they haven't taken the mirenia out yet. I go the 8th to the obgyn. But my belly is no longer flat it's got a baby bump. I'm just worried about it all..

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