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    Pregnant? Maybe?
    lovebird79 posted:
    So, my DF and I have been TTC since mid-December.
    I had my IUD removed December 14th (one or two days before AF was due).
    This delayed AF for two weeks.
    I'm back on a 31 day cycle - my last two periods were Dec 28th and Jan 28th start dates.

    I know when I'm Ovulation as my temperature goes up to 99.5-99.8 and my nipples get really sore.

    so, that happened around the 14th/15th of February and my DF and I did the baby dance

    Well, now, AF was due yesterday. She's still not here.
    The weird thing is that I never got any PMS signs this month - which I always do... really sore boobs, cramps, and I just feel like overall horrible.

    But, this month... nothing. No PMS at all.
    Now, I am feeling kind of "out of it" but not fatigued really.
    I keep getting this acidy feeling where I feel like I'm on the edge of being nauseaus but not really. and I'm getting these weird little cramps on the right side of my uterus... very very mild.

    I took a test yesterday and it was negative.

    Could I still be pregnant? AF is still not here and I'm not under any real stress.
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    Yes, you could still be pregnant. Some women take longer to show on tests than others. Wait a few more days and if AF still doesn't show, test again.
    Proud mommy to PJ (5)
    neela2012 responded:
    wish u all the best....
    lovebird79 replied to neela2012's response:

    Still no AF... mild cramps still.
    I'm keeping tampons with me at all times just in case.

    I'm having this weird queesiness where if I don't eat I get this acidy feeling in my throat and then when I start eating I feel better but then I start getting the acidy feeling again.

    I'm planning on testing again if AF doesn't come by Thursday... I'll keep you posted
    neela2012 replied to lovebird79's response:
    Seriously it sounds like u r pregnant this time.... For some woman the test doesn't come positive even after I week later of the AF actually due... all the best... I am with u on the same boat, waiting to test... My AF due is March 7, and plan to take March 6..... I am having left side cramp, which I don't before period..... so I think that is a sign, good sign hopefully....... wish u all the best... waiting to hear ur result....
    lovebird79 replied to neela2012's response:
    AF showed up at the 4th day late
    I'm a bit disappointed, but we are excited to keep trying!

    Darn AF - she's one tricky lady...
    tlkittycat1968 replied to lovebird79's response:
    Yep, very disappointing. Trying is always fun though.

    I remember when DH and I were trying the first time. I would analyze every little symptom and get excited if my period was even one day late.
    Proud mommy to PJ (5)

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