What r the chances I could be pregnant??
An_250736 posted:
So I've been off of birth control since this past November , but I was on that seasonique so I would only get my period every 3 months, now after I stopped it I got my period like normal in December but then didn't get it in January at all, I just had it in February from the 17-20 then had intercourse up until the 26th when my husband left on business, I've never really been off if birth control so I don't know and I also don't know how soon I should wait to take a test?? Anyone with any insight???
An_250560 responded:
It could be your body adjusting.

when you are on anything that alters your natural cycle, it takes your body time to get back on track.

If you don't get your period by Mid March, then maybe take a HPT just in case.
Right now I'm late and getting negative HPT tests - so I'm waiting another week to re-test - I would say test about a week or so after you would expect AF.

If you still don't get it in April, then try another test - and maybe make a doctor's appointment at that point.

It's really difficult to say what your chances of being pregnant are because your cycle was very unnatural on seasonique and every woman's body takes a different amount of time to get back to their natural cycle.

Good luck though