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Could I Be Pregnant??
kgarland0804 posted:
For about a week now I'm incredibly sick to my stomach every morning even a couple times I've been hit with waves of nascua so bad I've thrown up. The past two days I've gotten headaches and dizziness. I got my period this month but it was 8 days late and I only bleed for a day normally I can set a watch to my period being late and short is totally out of the ordinary. Normal foods I love are all of a sudden turning me completely off. I've fought ancy my whole life especially around my period this past month my skin's been the clearest ever. I also took a total of 3 pregnancy test the first one was positive but I have no idea when it turned positive because I walked away from it and my husband noticed the plus the following morning the next two were negative. I feel I'm showing classic signs of pregnancy without the getting a positive test and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm crazy or am I really pregnant?? Also I've broken down crying twice without any real cause for my tears.
1WaterLily responded:
All of your symptoms sound like pretty classic signs, but the only one with any substance is the one positive pregnancy test. All of the other symptoms can be explained by many different things like hormonal fluctuations, viruses, stress, or whatever, but positive pregnancy tests cannot usually be explained by much other than pregnancy. I'd get another pregnancy test done- by a doctor or nurse, to reduce the margin of error.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
I wouldn't rely on the pregnancy test. If you read the directions, most say any results are invalid after 10 minutes or so.

You could be pregnant and not showing on the tests. You can get a blood test done.
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