Having Light Period and Worried
An_250927 posted:
I would appreciate any advice you have. I have been on birth control for years now and am always diligent about taking it correctly. I also have a vary mild medical condition that occastionally requires me to take a low dose of doxycycline. I asked my doctor if it would reduce the effectiveness of my birth control, and he said it would not. Because I have no desire to start a family right now, I almost always use a condom when I have sex (in addition to bc).

I took a trip with my boyfriend two weeks ago and decided to be lenient with the condom rule (he forgot to pack them). At this time I was also on doxycylcine, but thought little of it because of what my doctor told me. My period was due on March 12, and it came right on time. I had all of the normal PMS symptoms I usually get. The thing is, my period is lighter than usual. It has not yet ended, but it never got as heavy a it usually does. I did some research and apparently some doctors think doxycycline can reduce the effectiveness of birth control. Naturally, I am freaking out.

I have had a light period like this before (strangely, this happened last March). It was just a weird period and nothing more. I am more nervous this time because of the antibiotic I was on. I have no symptoms of pregnancy other than the irregular period. I know that I am more paranoid than most women about gettig pregant. Even when I know I am being totally safe and responsible it is such a relief when my period starts. My question is if I am being paranoid again, or if there is actually a chance I could be pregnant. Sorry for my rambling (the mind wanders at night), and thanks in advance for your input.