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Getting symptoms, but the tests say no :(
An_250963 posted:
Hi everyone, this is my first post! I'm driving myself crazy here, and need some feedback on my situation.
Little bit of background: I'm 43, and recently brought up (again) the subject of a baby with my now partner. I keep telling him time has almost run out if we are ever to have a child of our own. Despite this, he didn't feel we were ready. Hmm.
Anyway, a few days later, we had sex (with a condom). A few days after this I started feeling odd-lots of pain in my breasts, and my usually "period is coming" symptoms-only way too early! I worked out that the day we had sex was day 10 or 11 (can't remember if it was past midnight), and it was a few days after that-around day 14, that I started feeling the pains in my breasts (which I never normally get before a period) and the way-too-early cramping. This cramping continued all the way up to the expected date of my next period (between day 26 and day 28), but no period came!
In addition, I have lots of very dense mucus, the sore breasts are coming and going (they're definitely bigger too), I have headaches often, and feel sick if I don't eat regularly. I'm majorly hungry too-I've gained several pounds in the last 2 weeks because of it. I have only ever missed one period in my life before this (well, one period that wasn't down to pregnancy that is), and that was around 4 years ago. At that time I didn't feel any of these symptoms-my period just didn't show, end of. I have done two pregnancy tests-one on day 28 (the day before my period should have come), and one on day 30 (yesterday). They were both negative. I am now on day 31-Monday 18th March 2013, still with sore and heavy breasts, no period, lots of mucus and feeling generally under the weather.
I have called the doctor's office and spoken to a midwide-she seems to think I am NOT pregnant, and has asked me to go in with a urine sample tomorrow. If this tests negative, she said they will do a blood test (for hcg, I'm guessing).

Am I going crazy here? Do I want a baby so much that my body thinks it is pregnant? (There have been other times I wanted a baby over the years, but the symptoms didn't come then) Or am I probably really pregnant, but it's not showing up yet on the shop-bought tests? I've honestly never had these symptoms before without actually being pregnant. At the same time though, I'm'd be unusual, right? Another options is that maybe I'm starting peri-menopause. I mentioned this to a midwife recently, when she did a smear test for me because I'd had a little bit of bleeding after that sex on day 10/11. She said she thought it was too soon for that. Incidentally, the smear tests came back looking good.

Any input here would be MUCH appreciated! I've discussed with a friend, and her view is that I find out what's going on before I mention this to my partner-who would NOT be pleased. He can be a bit temperamental to say the least, and I wouldn't mind betting he would accuse me of engineering this somehow, because I've vocalised that I want a baby.

Kindest regards to all


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