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Please help!
CettyAday posted:
Hi I need something answered and I don't have medical insurance so I really don't wanna go to the doctors and have a big bill for something so small. I am currently 9 days late on my period and I have taken 5 pregnancy tests that came up negative. My last one I took was 4 days ago. I'm not sure what to think of it because you read all the time about women who are pregnant and don't know it. I have been peeing a little more then usual and my color around my nips were almost dry skin and dark and those went away about 2 days ago. I have had alot more gas and pooping more then usual. I have been eating more also. And i usually stay up all night long but i find myself going to bed earlier now.Other then that no other symptoms. My boyfriend made chicken earlier and it's still making me sick to my stomach and yesterday I had tacos and the hamburger also smelled a little weird. Please help I'm not sure what to do or what to think. We are currently trying for a baby. Please and thank you! Should I take another test?
CettyAday responded:
I have also had almost like lotion discharge and my cervix always seems near the opening of my vagina. I know tmi but I forgot about this until now.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Question: why are you trying for a baby if you don't have insurance? How do you plan on paying for your pre-natal appointments and the delivery?

That being said, it's possible you didn't ovulate and usually no ovulation means no period. It's common and will happen to most women at least once during their reproductive years.

You may also be pregnant and not showing on the tests.

If you can, wait and see if your next period comes. If it doesn't and you keep getting negative tests, see a doctor.
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have heard the same thing from my sister who is the mother of five so this is more then likely true.. More
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