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confusedmotherof2ds posted:

Sorry in advance if this post is to long....

So here's my dilemma:

It stared out with the birth control I was on as messing up my cycle. Two weeks on and then the thrid week of the pill I would get my period. That shouldn't have happened. So by the fifth time that happened I stopped the pill once I got my period (two weeks in). I had one week left of my pills, that I used and was planning on getting a new prescription (didn't work out, money got tight and so on) rift before they ended. So once I was out of pills I figured my period would come in a week or two because of the way I ended my BC, but that didn't happen, that was around the middle of February. My Boyfriend and I have had sex but he hasn't finished inside me, just percummed. I now have gone almost two months without a period and I'm confused. I have taken three HPT and two out of the three came back negative. The one had a shadow of a line and when I left it past he 10 minute mark they line became darker and noticable. I have a doctors appointment on Monday, but was lookig for some advice on what it could be. Oh and by the way my stomach has been growing and it looks like I could be pregnant. I have also had two children already and am confused cause this feels different, like I'm not pregnant but at the same time I feel pregnant. Other symptomz
S are bigger boobs and nausea.

Thanks all for your help!
confusedmotherof2ds responded:
I also forgot to mention that my tummy is getting hard a normal pregnancy.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
When you go off birth control, especially if you stop it midcycle like you did, your hormones may be a bit out of whack which will cause your period to be irregular. In rare cases, it can take up to a year before you get your period or it regulates itself.
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