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Am I pregnant??
rrtelles posted:
Hello, I'm 24 years old and my boyfriend and I have been trying to get Pregnant all year, I normally have a 27-29 day cycle and ever since I can remember Ive always had the classic symptoms of PMS especially the sore boobs. in jan i had my period on the 26 and in Feb on the 25, I made an ovulation calendar on webmd and have been actively following it well march 25th was my expected day of my period well it didnt come. I got so happy and excited bc I still had no signs of starting my period, Easter sunday march 31st i notice a brownish pink discharge not a lot just a little and that lasted till monday afternoon (april 1st) I started to get more of the redder blood mixed in until thats all there i nauraly thought i was getting my period i had the cramps in my lower back for about 4 to 5 days before i even noticed the brown discharge but I thought it was "implation cramping" well the flow was definitely lighter....not spotting tho. I normally go though a lot of tampons but that wasnt the case this time i maybe used 5 for the two days. I still had cramping in my lower back but the cramps had started way before the bleeding even began which never happens. My boobs never got sore and ive been sleeping great, im still always tired and i have a tight feeling in my lower back. I have read that if conception happens right before the period is suppose to begin the body doesnt give out the hormone it would take to stop a period right away, and normally would take about 6 weeks to miss another period which kind of makes sense in a way. I did take 2 HPT both were negative but i think i took them way to not giving up hope tho! has anyone else experienced this i need some help

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