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freaking out dont know what to do?ladise pls advise
urmil posted:
I have regular cycles of 28 days,this month I have missed it,I'm late by 10 days I did 2 pregnancy tests and booth are negative,I don't have any pregnancy symptoms,I don't know what to do?could I be pregnant? I'm stressing out so much,?is it just a missed period or can I be pregnant without any symptoms? Why not the tests are positive if I'm pregnant?pls advise
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Calm down. You may have just not ovulated and usually no ovulation means no period. It's common and will happen to most women at least once during their reproductive years.

It is also possible you are pregnant and not showing on the tests. While it is less common than skipping a period, it does happen.

Since you got two negative tests, it would be safe to say you aren't pregnant. If you miss a second period and are still getting negative tests, see your doctor.
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gardensparrow responded:
I know it's scary to wonder if you're pregnant or not (if you weren't planning for it). So, your best bet really is to talk with your doctor. I think that's the only way to truly ease your mind. But, in the meantime, I did come across a site at that gives a run down of pregnancy symptoms and some good info on steps to take next. So, just FYI if you want to check it out. I'll be praying for you!
urmil replied to gardensparrow's response:
Thanks alot for ur reply. Really reassuring,really helps
gardensparrow replied to urmil's response:
So glad it was helpful! Still praying for you.
urmil replied to gardensparrow's response:
So RU also TTC,or. U have any kids ? Hope we can be friends:)

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