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Mirena and 23 weeks pregnant
ChristyS posted:
I have had my mirena in for 4 years now not due for replacement till Feb of 2014. I started having lots of pregnancy symptoms( you know them all) I took 2 pregnancy tests one in the evening and one first thing in the morning. Both said Pregnant. I made an appt with my GYN/OB who I had just seen in January. I was given the third degree about when I had my last period and did i feel it come out. My last period was the october before i went for my yearly in January. No nothing came out that I know of. I then was called into a room and got ready for what we thought would be the locate the Mirena ultrasound and well .....he quickly changed his mind to an abdominal ultrasound and whipped the monitor around to me and I saw a baby's head.....I quickly found out I am 23 weeks pregnant. My husband left 3 weeks ago on a deployment. The doc then said the mirena is in the placenta and it would come out when I have my 3rd c-section.He quickly said that nothing is 100% and that sometimes failure happens. For all the people with questions about results from pregnancy tests.....I had no problem with mine .....positive was positive... I was shocked i was 23 weeks when I have had 2 other children. This isnt my first pony ride ya know!! I am still shocked being all this happened today. Not even really sure what the next step is or what to expect with the Mirena still in there. I go for a detailed ultrasound in 2 weeks ....I think he was giving me time to quit crying and get over the shock.
skylarsmom716 responded:
wow. well i guess congrats if you wanted another baby! will be praying all goes well for you and that baby is healthy.
ChristyS responded:
well i am at week 28 now and c- section scheduled for 7/ is doing well....we are at the point of doing all the bloodwork we should have done in the beginning. Still kinda playing it by ear. Working on getting my husband home from his deployment before the c-section

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