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5 days late, feeling preg, neg tests
jewellz17 posted:
My last period was March 10th, So, I was due on Sunday April 7. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests, all neg. Last test was Wednesday. My cycle is usually 28-32 days. I feel like my period is coming tho, Monday mild cramps for a few minutes, Tuesday evening, then nothing until today, mild again. I feel pregnant. My breast normally get sore 7 days after ovulation, and right thru til a day after my period. I waited and waited for that feeling, and nothing. They are mildly sore today and have been for a couple days. Tired, but I have insomnia. Feeling a little ill. Been irritable, emotional, and gassy. I am 37, and we have only been trying for 3 months. This isn't my first time trying. I have children already, youngest is 5. Could it be possible, that I am pregnant but it just hasn't shown up on a test yet? Or am I just tricking myself? has this happened with any of you with you? Neg after period due? Then ended up pregnant? Oh I used hpt, first response 5 days early, a dollar store one, and clear blue plus on wed.

lovebird79 responded:
Hi Jewellz.

I'm TTC as well. Last month I was four days late and ended up not being preggers.
I had the same thing where my usual PMS symptoms were not there and very very mild cramps.

I have found that the stress of wanting to be pregnant has played a few tricks on me and caused my period to be a few days late.

Also, I've been reading up on it and you can show a negative test for several weeks into pregnancy. It just depends.

I hope you are though!!! Good luck!

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