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Am I pregnant?
An_251564 posted:
Hi. 1 month ago I had unprotected sex using the pull out method. It was the day after my period. Now I have a thin milky discharge. Not sure if this is normal for me because I just became sexually active and never payed attention before. I also had pretty bad cramps today. My period isn't due for 2 weeks. Could be coming early but I never get cramps that bad. I am 19 with very catholic no sex before marriage parents so I am not on the pill. I also have no clue if I could get a pregnancy test if I miss my period. I know I could be pregnant and STDs and I should've used a condom etc but I am just wondering what you will have to say...
lovebird79 responded:
If you have had a normal period since you had the unprotected sex, than you should be fine.

BUT - if you are having odd discharge and cramps, then you could have an STD.

If you have not had your period since you had unprotected sex or your period was lighter than normal, than there is a good chance you are pregnant.

First - go to the doctor and get checked out. There are a lot of women's clinics (Planned Parenthood) that help young women just like you. Make sure you aren't pregnant and don't have any STDs.

Second - find a way to get condoms and use them. Even if you don't plan on having sex again for awhile, in the heat of the moment you don't want to be without. Always be prepared.

Good luck!

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