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aosmith posted:
My period ended on a Wednesday morning and I had unprotected sex the following Saturday night. My cycle has always been very regular and I start the whole ovulation process one week or soon after my period ends -- and my cycle has consistently been 28-30 days since I was a teenager -- and sometimes 1-2 weeks late when under a lot of stress. Last week however, I had some discharge on the Tuesday following unprotected sex (what normally looks like the start of ovulation to me) and then tacky to white lotion-y discharge on Wednesday, along w/awful, period like cramps, all day. Cramps continued off and on, though not as strong as Wednesday, for the next few days, and were uncomfortable again Sunday night. If I hadn't had the unproteced sex I would say I was just having painful ovulation,but since I normally don't, now I'm starting to wonder. It would be very rare to ovulate w/in a week of your period ending, right? Is is likely I'm just being psychosomatic about symptoms?
lovebird79 responded:
It's nearly impossible to tell this early on if you are pregnant.
And, it is possible you are being psychosomatic about the symptoms
I have done the same thing for a few months now while trying to conceive.

First, find a way to destress and not worry too much about it - otherwise this could cause your period to be late and more stress

Second, wait until your period is about a week or so late and then test.

Good luck

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