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Could i be pregnant?
An_251761 posted:
My bf and i fooled around the other sex just oral stuff. His penis did rub up against my vagina.when he cummed it wasnt near my vagina. Hes sure of it. After like 30 he was rubbing up against me again...he was dry and he never went in my vagina. Could i still get pregnant? Im freaking out becuz i dont want to:/ my period is 1-2 weeks away and im already feeling PMS symptoms. another thing his and my cum/sperm is clear and watery...does that mean low sperm count? I hope so help!!!! Im only a time ill use a condom even if we rub against each other.
An_250560 responded:
the chances of you being pregnant are sooooooo low.
the sperm has to actually get into your vagina and make it's way all the way to the egg.

Unless you had actual intercourse, I wouldn't worry.
Especially if you have having PMS symptoms.

If you stress about it, you could actually mess up your cycle which would cause even more stress.

you aren't pregnant.
An_251897 responded:
There's a cheap and easy way to know for sure. Take a pregnancy test. You can get them fairly cheap online (see the following: ) and not even have to go out of your way at all in order to know for certain one way or the other.

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