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Pregnancy? Or Paranoia?
yayayokoisme posted:
Hello all, I just wanted to get some advice on my current condition. My fiance and I had sex a few weeks before April. We used a condom, but we realized that the condom slipped off inside me. We don't know if it happened when he pulled out, or if it was like the during the middle of the deed.

I was counting the days til my next period, which is around the first week of every month. My expected period in April came, but it was very short (about 3 days). I didn't think about pregnancy since I didn't miss my period, but ever since I've been getting pregnancy symptoms such as suddenly gaining weight, getting stomach aches very often occasionally feeling nauseous. I also noticed that the skin in the middle of my breasts were peeling a bit, and I read online that it may be due to the breasts getting bigger.

Just to be sure, I got a home pregnancy test on April 23rd. It came out negative, but I've been reading online that it may have been negative because I took the test too early, so I still wasn't 100% sure. However, my fiance pointed out to me that it takes a maximum of 14 days for implantation to occur, and its been a month since the incident. So if I was pregnant, then the test would of came out positive by then.

It's May 4th and my period is due very soon and I'm going to take another pregnancy test soon. Could I be pregnant? Or is this just all in my head and am I just freaking myself out? Thanks guys I appreciate any feedback!

An_250560 responded:
Stress can cause nausea, weight gain, stomach aches, and changes in your period.

My fiance and I are TTC and I've talked to my doctor.
What she told me is that you ovulate around 14 days before your expected period - generally.

It sounds like that is around the time you had the incident.

Also, all women are different - some women don't show positive pregnancy tests for awhile because it takes more time to build the hormone.

However, if you haven't missed a second period yet, don't worry about it until then. If you do, then just go to the doctor and tell them you want to just be sure.

Number one thing though... try not to stress. I know it's hard, but stress in itself can make you skip a period.

Good luck and, remember, no matter what happens, everything will work out how it should.

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