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Need Advise Please!
mrsjnstephens posted:
So, okay, I am 21 and suffer from PCOS. I just had my first period since December. My fiance and I have unprotected sex regularly, but I do not keep track of my fertile days. I just started to keep track of them this period. Anyways, we had sex the entire time I was on my period and then two days before my "fertile" days. Saturday (the first day before fertile) we had sex the night before and I felt fine, but when I came home.from work Saturday, my back was hurting really bad and I had neck pain and a headache. I could hardly move. Later, I felt better and we had sex again. I felt sick afterwards but went to bed. Sunday after work, I came home and made fiance a sandwich and tried to make myself a grilled one and I became illand had to sit down or risk throwing up. It was something I smelled, but when I look in the fridge at the chicked sandwich slices, I get sick. Cereal and BK only sound good to me. Help?
An_251897 responded:
What exactly is it that you seek advice about? I don't really understand what it is you're asking. If you want to know if you're pregnant take a pregnancy test. It's not like they're expensive...
lovebird79 replied to An_251897's response:
I think that the first response you got was a bit insensitive so I'm going to take a stab at it.

I do not suffer from PCOS myself so I cannot relate to what it causes.

From what you wrote, it sounds like it could possibly be something else... most women don't exhibit pregnancy symptoms the day after conception.

However, if you have irregular periods, you could also have irregular ovulation and you could've been fertile earlier in your cycle.

Chances are that it's too early to take a HPT.
You have a few options: (1) wait until you have missed your next period and take a HPT; (2) wait a week to see if your symptoms go away - if not make a doctors appointment; (3) make a doctors appointment now just to make sure everything is ok.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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