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So confussed
An_251797 posted:
Hi, I'm looking for some advice. I have recently been put on medication to start my cycles again. I had 1 cycle and before during and after I've had unprotected sex with my partner. I had blood work done through the doctors office 3 weeks ago and I figure since the doctors office didn't call me back that the results were negative to the pregnancy test.

Since that time though my partner and I had several times of unprotected sex and after one such night I started feeling nausea often, slight cramping in my pelvic region, moodiness to the point of crying at the least little thing, fatigue, breast sensitivity but no aches. And I've noticed I smell things more easily....then today while at the grocery store I about hurled from the smell of the raw meat at the butcher counter.

Could I really be pregnant? I didn't think so until the partner suggested it, and then after today with the nausea over smells....well, my partner convinced me to get a couple home tests. I'm trying to hold out until Friday to take the first one, and then wait a week to take the other if the first is negative.

I have PCOS and so know it would be hard for me to conceive, and have infact had a few negatives leading up to the blood draw at the I was told to check before taking the meds to cause a cycle as they could abort a pregnancy.

This is the first I've had these symptoms though. Could it just be paranoia due to the partner suggestion I might be? or could it really be I'm pregnant?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Anytime you have unprotected sex, pregnancy is a possibility, even if you have PCOS. It's possible the blood test was too early to detect a pregnancy.
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mrsbakerwoman replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
really could it be to soon for a blood test, i tested neg 5 times with an at home pregnancy test, only one was faint, but that was after it set a while, but the other ones did not turn faint.Also i had my bc removed april 3rd had unprotected sex a day after then had a AF 2 days later which 2 days consists of spotting and the other 2 days a flow, normally last for 5-7 days. Well this month i did a blood test it was neg, i only did that because my menstrual is suppose to start the 6th but it started 4 days early, and it only last for 1 and half days. Could i be prgnant or could it be in my head because we want another baby so bad
sweetgurl replied to mrsbakerwoman's response:
Hello there. I just wanted to state that i had breakthrough bleeding last month and on april 26th I was bleeding and ovulating at the same time cause I could pull the mucus into strings. Also after I was 3 days late for af I had 2 urine test and a hcg blood test that all came back NEG! I was told that I may not have enough hcg yet to show up on the test. Plus a OB/Gyn Fertility center suggests doing a bloog pregnancy test than a hcg test, because some womens hcg are very low. I also have pcos. I am now 8 days late with breast tenderness,nausea,heartburns,constipation,fatigue. I want to be pregnant but this wait is driving me nuts!

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