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Anyone else had these early symptoms?
An_250560 posted:
I've been debating all day as to whether or not I would post.

I'm waiting until I'm 7 days late to test - right now I'm 4 days late.

Wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences:

1. virtually no PMS symptoms
2. 4 days late
3. BBT up to 99.5 - but then went down to 98.7 for 1/2 a day and then back up to 99.2
4. Headache
5. Waking up at least once at night
6. Diarrhea
7. Exhausted! I pass out... not go to sleep...
8. I'm super hungry in the morning, but not at all in the afternoon

I'm hoping this is it, but not crossing my fingers as I have been 4 days late before and not been pregnant.
An_250560 responded:
I also forgot to mention that I get these sharp pains randomly around my breasts and they are just now starting to feel kind of like they are swelling.

and I am now 5 days late...
AND I am super irritable... everything makes me want to cry... and just wanting to cry at everything makes me want to cry...

Steph41710 replied to An_250560's response:
I'm currently 6 days late, just had a blood test today with my doc because I had 4 negative HPT's. But I'm experiencing some of those symptoms. My breasts are slightly sore and feel swollen. I haven't been waking up much but I've been more tired than normal. I've also had a minor headache in the mornings for the last couple days but has gone away as the day goes on. You should be able to test now though. Good luck!
An_250560 replied to Steph41710's response:
So, I tested last week at 7 days and it was negative.

I then started spotting.
then I bled for about 24 hours (not too heavy but definitely not light) with bright red blood.

Now I've been spotting for a few days since.

My normal period is 3 days or so of very heavy flo and then very light for a day or two and then one last heavy day.

Have headaches, stomach still not right, and still tired.

My fiance says "well some women bleed when they are still pregnant, right?"

I don't know if I should test again or wait until my next missed period.

We are getting married this Sunday so I'm thinking stress may be a culprit of this odd period, though I don't feel stressed at all.

Anyone have any ideas? should I just wait?

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