Could I be pregnant?
An_251902 posted:
Had my period on March 21 lasted about 4-5 day, which is typical for me. Since January, I have been on a 31 day cycle. (But I did notice that my period days have changed since July. I remember having my period on 4th of July. But recently it's been on the third week.) On the month of April my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex (almost 3 times a week), although he pull out every time. With my cycle history since January, I was expecting my period to arrive April 21 but nothing came. Instead, I had my period (or so it seems) on April 24. The duration was about 4 -5 days, like my typical period and the volume was about the same. I have not experienced any symptoms such as nausea, food aversion/cravings, cramping, etc. Despite all these I'm still 'paranoid' that I could be pregnant. I have gained some weight, granted I've been eating more than usual. I also noticed a small 'bump' on my lower abdomen. With these and the fact that my period was 3 days late are the reason why I feel paranoid about it. I know I should take a pregnancy test but I wanted to get some opinion from expert first. Please do help me. Thanks!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Well, I'm not an expert but if you had your normal period, chances are pretty good you aren't pregnant. You yourself said you've been eating more and that can account for the weight gain and also for the small "bump" on your lower abdomen.
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elia_grrly replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Thank you for your reply. I just have the tendency to be paranoid with things.
lovebird79 replied to elia_grrly's response:
I was just reading this... I agree with tlkittycat1968.
Sounds like you most likely are not preggers.

However... if you do not want to get pregnant, than you need to take precautions.
Use protection (condoms), but also get on some form of birth control... there are a lot of clinics that can provide this and it's confidential.
We all know that it's not always the easiest to stop in the heat of passion to go to the store.... it's better to plan and have a baby when you are ready than to just chance it and struggle.

Remember, even if he "pulls out", you can still get pregnant.
An_251902 replied to lovebird79's response:
LoveBird79, thank you for your response. I'm usually careful when it comes to these things, but we did not make a wise decision having unprotected sex last month...We are both of age (both nearing 30's), stable financially with secured careers. However we both agreed that we are not ready to have kids now but possibly a year after marriage.

I apologize for rambling, it's been driving me crazy...