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    Mixed signals
    RenMc posted:
    Hi All,

    Here are my stats: We are trying for baby #2. I had my Mirena removed on 4/3/13 after having it in since 8/2012. I did not know that I was pregnant with baby #1 for 3 months due to issues that I was having with a very large fibroid. I found out about baby #1 when I went to my pre-op MRI for fibroid surgery. The fibroid was successfully removed during the beginning of my 2nd trimester. The 1st day of my last menstrual cycle was 4/25/13 and it ended the following Monday, 4/30/13. I have between a 22-23 day cycle. We had sex on 5/1/13 & 5/3/13. My ovulation should have happened 5/4/13 and my period should have began on 5/18/13. I started to feel symptoms of pregnancy during the past 7-10 days: Nausea(no vomiting), feeling like period was coming, but no bleeding, increasingly tired, cravings, smell sensitivity, increased gas and some breast sensitivity. I had a teeny tiny spot of blood when I wiped on 5/15/13-11 dpo. I had taken a home pregnancy test either 10-11 dpo and it was negative. I took a home pregnancy test 12dpo on Thursday, 5/16/13 and it was a very clear positive. My I took another test extremely faint positive. I was prompted to take another test because my tummy was bothering me. I have tested a couple of times since then & they have been negative. Today, I have some spotting when I wipe. I have a pantyliner on and it is not hitting the liner. It seems to be streaks of red/brown mixed in with clear discharge. No clots. I am so confused. We were so excited when we saw that positive last Thursday. What is the possibility of not being pregnant? Was my hcg level really high with that positive test and has it been low since? My period has been regular since I had the fibroid removed and I had no complications with Mirena removal. Any advice would be appreciated
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    Have you been taking the tests at the same time of the day you took the positive one? If you've been taking them later in the day, that could account for the negatives because since we tend to drink liquids during the day, our urine is more diluted than it is first thing in the morning and may register a negative when it's really positive.
    Proud mommy to PJ (5)
    RenMc replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
    The positive was with first morning urine. The faint positive was mid afternoon. The one thing that concerns me is that I had a negative this morning with first urine. The spotting today has not gotten any worse. If anything it has gotten lighter. This is making my head hurt lol. I don't know if this slight bleeding constitutes a period. I guess seeing if it gets any worse would answer that question. If I would have gotten my period on the date it was expected, 5/18/13, I would start to be fertile again on 5/23/13 according to my chart. I have a doctor's appointment on June 10. Maybe it is a good idea to go forth this week like we are trying again. According to my chart, my next period would actually be scheduled to begin on 6/10/13.
    tlkittycat1968 replied to RenMc's response:
    It could be the test you used this morning wasn't as sensitive. Even tests in the same box can have different levels of sensitivity.

    Spotting is common in early pregnancy.

    I'd call your doctor since you got a positive. They may want to see you.
    Proud mommy to PJ (5)
    RenMc replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
    I called them as soon as I got the positive. They won't see you before what would be 6-8 weeks along. They scheduled me for 6/10. If I am not pregnant now, we keeping trying this week and everything goes as it should with my cycle(fertilization/implantation), I could have a positive by that day. I have read that spotting is common. My periods are usually 4-5 days in length and enough to cover a pad for the 1st 2-3 days

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