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Could I be pregnant???
An_252005 posted:
I just had a baby in Dec. I am not on birth control but i do use condoms. Last month my period was later then normal. I only bled for 3days. First i used pads then changed to tampons and then after using them I stopped bleeding. I took like 5 pregnancy test and all said negative. This month I still have not started my period. I normally start in the middle of the month every month. I don't have really none of the pregnancy signs. I do have alot of discharge. My breast aren't sore I am always sleepy because I have a 5 month old and 5 year old and have early mornings and sometimes late nights. I have always had bad headaches. I took a pregnancy test near the first of the month and it said negative also. I don't really want to take another one cause I'm scared to what it will say but i have never had a problem like this before but i have missed a whole month before and wasn't pregnant but never only bled 3days then nothing and nothing the next month.. Any advice on what might be going on or if anyone has had this problem before or do you think I am pregnant? Please anything will be helpful thanks
samie_77 responded:
Your body may just be trying to regulate itself again. After you have a baby those hormones can be messed up for months.

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