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Need help! Has anyone else experienced this?
Sunshine1925 posted:
I really appreciate any input. I am 22 years old and ttc with my hubby since January of this year. I have never been pregnant or miscarried before. I have no fertility issues but I do have a couple small ovarian cysts.

In March I had what I thought was a period, but for me it was extremely light (more like spotting) and lasted only 3 days which is unusual for me. But I figured maybe it was just light and I would wait till the next month to test. Well in April it started a few days early after intercourse, it was light for two days and then a couple days of really light spotting. So now we are in May with AF due in a week if I am not pregnant. And since my last "period" in April I have been getting lightheaded, nauseous but not sick, appetite has increased to where I am gaining at least a pound a week, cramping, feeling really tired for no reason, acne breakouts and lower back pain. On day it literally felt like my lower back was on fire, it was a warm sensation I have never felt before.

Has anyone experienced something like this? Please help! I live in a VERY rural area and it is not easy to get to a doctor or clinic.

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Sunshine1925 responded:
I forgot to add that I have been having terrible mood swings and very emotional. My sense of smell has heightened. I have noticed more prominent Montgomery tubercles. Is it possible I am pregnant and my levels aren't high enough yet? I have not tested this month or the last as I am waiting for my next "period" but the anticipation is eating away at me. Please help!
lovebird79 replied to Sunshine1925's response:
you should try to relax as stress can mess up your cycle and your ability to get pregnant. I know it's difficult... I'm also ttc with my husband and it's so hard not to get anxious!

You should just bite the bullet and take a home pregnancy test.
If it's negative, than just enjoy trying more!

If your next period is "off" or weird, than make a doctors appointment just to check it out and see what is going on.

Good luck and I'll be hoping for a positive for you!

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