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Am I pregnant?
BiswasD posted:
I'm going to be 20 soon. I usually have a 30 days period cycle. I started on my contraception (POP) on 2nd May 2013 and had it on the right time everyday till 15th. On the 16th (which is supposed to be the peak time of my ovulation) I had unprotected intercourse with my husband twice (I let him ejaculate inside me) and that night I forgot to take my pill and was 13 hours late when I remembered and so took one straight away and didn't miss any till date. On 19th, I started having this really thick and little amount of brown-reddish (more to brown) period(?) which lasted for a day and then became more like a just dark brown discharge and still having it (27th). I'm feeling more tired and bloated, also probably a bit darker nipple and fuller breasts. Didn't do any test yet, as 30th May is the best day to do it. How possible it is that I'm pregnant?
An_251165 responded:
To make sure about your pregnancy use Homecheck Ovulation Test Kit. It will show your fertile day and can be conceive baby when you want.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It's very unlikely you're pregnant. There was a study that showed some women can go a week without taking their birth control without ovulating.
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samie_77 responded:
It depends on the type of pill you have. If you still have the instructions from the pharmacy sometimes it tells you the longest you can go, but it also depends on how long that brand or type takes to build up in your body.

I think it could have been possible for you to become pregnant, but I would say since you had the brownish-red stuff for 6 days, that is just your body trying to adjust to the new meds, and it was probably just your period.

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