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Could I be Pregnant
Worried2013 posted:
I had a tubal in 1992. This last period was not even there a spot or two. I have been eating every two hours or so. The hunger pains actually made me sick feeling until I ate. I have been way over tired. Going to the bathroom a lot. and nighttime heartburn. Pressure in the belly and I feel like I waddle when I walk. My belly feels tight yet jello like and some pains in my lower back and ovaries. I am craving pizza..... my youngest child is 21. I am not sure I am ready for the answer. However he and I both had the surgery to end making babies. So with us both being fixed 1992 and 1993 whats the real possibility of being pregnant???????
tlkittycat1968 responded:
There is a very, very, very slim chance of pregnancy when both parties are "fixed" so to speak. That being said, a co-worker once had a customer at the store he works at tell him his wife was pregnant even after she had her tubes ties and he had a vasectomy.

There is also the chance that you did not ovulate and usually no ovulation means no period. It's common and will happen to most women once during their reproductive years.

Take a test and if it's negative, wait and see if you get your next period.
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