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Could I be pregnant?
xrm0512 posted:
My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on May 8th. While he didn't ejaculate inside of me, I did perform oral sex on him before hand so there may have been sperm (as well as pre-ejaculate, I know this is a possibility as well) still remaining. I got my period on May 18th or 19th I believe and it was the normal length and flow (no spotting or lightness). Since then I haven't had any cramps or spotting. For the past week or so, my nipples have been quite sensitive; while they haven't changed in size or color, they sting very slightly when touched or when my t-shirt rubs against them (this isn't typical before my periods, btw). My breasts do not feel sore, nor have they changed size to the best of my knowledge. I took an HPT today and it came out negative, but I think it may have been too early because I have not missed a period yet (it's due next week around the 18th or 19th). Again, no spotting, cramps, frequent urination, or any other typical symptoms, just the slight nipple pain. I typically gag when brushing my teeth too soon after eating, and I'm finding that fixating on this also makes me feel like gagging (I think it's just my nerves). My boyfriend and I have not had sex since that day.

That being said, is it possible that I could still be pregnant despite the fact that I did have a normal period? Would the test I took today be accurate this early since it has been a month since the sex occurred? I actually did not even think of this until about a week ago (especially because I had my normal period on time the month before). I'm a very anxious person, and one night I looked up pregnancy information out of the blue, this was the same night I "discovered" that my nipples were sensitive, and I've been fixated on the possibility of being pregnant ever since.
Anu06 responded:
You should make sure about pregnancy,check your pregnancy test at Home.

Good Luck!!!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
A pregnancy test would be accurate a month after sex. Since you had a normal period after you had sex, chances are pretty good you aren't pregnant.
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