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Could I be???
candy282 posted:
I was suppose to start my period on Friday 14. I am always on time (26day cycle) I did not start. I took a test last night (which was day 3 of being late) it was neg. I have been feeling really sick. I got sick at the smell of fish the other day at work (even though I do not eat fish, I don't get sick off the smell but I got sick off the smell). My ovulation calendar said if I did not start today I was pregnant. At work today when using the bathroom I started a period. I want to start to cry because I was happy at the thought of being pregnant. Being 4 days late and starting today could I still be pregnant????
Anu06 responded:
Obviously you are... To be make sure done Home Pregnancy Test.
lovebird79 replied to Anu06's response:
I'm sorry, but that's very irresponsible to tell someone they "obviously are".

candy282... I have been trying for awhile now and I have been up to 7 days late and gotten my period.

I found also that there could be underlying stress I'm trying to ignore or am just unaware of that causes a delay in aunt flo... it happens sometimes.

Also, what type of flow did you have? was it normal? or was it spotty? That makes a huge difference.

If it's very light and spotty than wait a week and test again.
If you get another negative, than make a dr. appt to see what's going on.

If it's a normal/heavy flow, than chances are you are not pregnant (sorry). But, don't lose hope!
candy282 replied to lovebird79's response:
It was kinda normal but not as heavy as I usually have but not spotty. I had my levels checked (the third day testing on the menstrual cycle) and it came back that my levels are where they should be. I was looking online and found a sperm check-fertility for males and I got this for my boyfriend. Thank you. I am not going to lose hope

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