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Am I pregnant
sahdiamond07 posted:
I have taken several home tests and been to the doctor 3 times for blood tests. I am now 9 days late for my period. In the past week my nipples have been in so much pain. I stopped cramping a few days ago and then restarted yesterday. I am tired (but that's normal) along with the past two days I've had a headache that won't go away (usually I get headaches) . I just retook a test today and it was as well negative. A friend of mine said all her tests were negative until she went and had an ultrasound done? And they saw a little spot , redid a test and found out she was 9 weeks. She had taken her first few tests right after a missed period. And then waited a while.

I need advice, I have never been pregnant so I know nothing of how it feels except reading the symptoms. The only two things I rarely feel are cramping, and my nipples have never hurt before. (It is not the entire breast; just the nipple)

What should I do to find out for sure ? So I can quit worrying.
lovebird79 responded:
Are you trying to get pregnant or is this a surprise?
Have you had unprotected sex and that's why you are worried?

Unfortunately this can be a waiting game sometimes.
It is not uncommon for a woman to miss her period at least once in her life and stress can delay it for weeks (mine was 2 weeks late once)

You could wait until you are 14 days late and try a HPT again.
If you still don't get your period, than make another doctor's appointment and let your doctor know you are concerned and worried you may be pregnant.

Or, you could wait to see if your next period comes.
At that point it may be easier to detect the hormone if you are.

Good luck! I know it's hard, but try to get your mind off of it for a few days and relax - take a hot bath, get a massage...

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