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Is it possible
mrsnava82 posted:
Do i have a chance at being pregnant. My husband and i have been ttc for 2 years off and on. I had my period on june 11th which fell on a monday my husband and i made love on the next thursday. My period should be coming down the latest next monday but sometimes my period comes a few days early then expected anyway i want to give it at least one week late before i test but could this be implantation. A few days ago i wiped down there after urinating got a light pink on napkin so i thought period was coming down that is normally how it starts so i put a pad and watched it. Nothing so i went to sleep i woke up the next morning and had a clear white milky discharge like mucous discharge and then i had to pee really bad again some times this happens too when my period comes except it'll have a hint of pink then my period will start. When i went to the bathroom and peed some red came out and i thought it was my period like blood. So i wipe again and put a pad on. There was a spot of red blood on the napkin. I was having period cramps and everything lower back ache and all. Then i would check my pad and there is nothing in the pad throughout the day i'd pee no Redbox: We don't understand your message, try again.

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Msg&data rates may aply. Txt HELP for help.peeing blood no blood in pad just cramps and that is it. This is like day 3 still cramps no period. Mo other symptoms but this and the feeling of being dizzy. I want to give it till next week to see if i get my period kind of dont want to get my hopes up but could there be some small chance that i'm reAlly pregnant and that was implantation bleeding. I would really love to be pregnant my hubby would be so happy too after all the times we've been trying. What do yall think and thanks in advance will keep all updated
lovebird79 responded:
I'd hate to tell you one way or the other - it's a possibility, but other things could be going on and I'd hate to get your hopes up (or down).

I would suggest waiting until you are late - maybe even by a week - and then test.

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