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Could I be? Help!
simplymarvelous2010 posted:
Hello, Last 3 periods I had were crazy. 28 days, 26 days, 30 days and now this one is 34 days..and waiting! Longest cycle ever! Last period was May 25th. I had to take a PG test at doctor on tuesday the 25th and it was negative. Today I feel nauseous plus symptoms of a period. Yesterday i had spotting and nothing...should I retake another test today? Anyone had or is going through something similiar? Thanks!
lovebird79 responded:
I would suggest you wait another week.
It sounds like your periods are irregular and it's not uncommon to miss a period at least once in your life.

If you don't get your period in another week you may want to re-test.

You could also just wait to see if you miss your period in July.
simplymarvelous2010 responded:
Well I already went through that. Didnt have a period at all in January. As of today, day 35, still no period. I've never went past 30 days....
simplymarvelous2010 responded:
Now 37 days and still no period...but symptoms of one. Took test yesterday and negative but when I looked an hour later there was two lines! Ill take another tomorrow morning.
simplymarvelous2010 replied to lovebird79's response:
Now day 37 and still nothing...
simplymarvelous2010 responded:
Took a test again! Pregnant!
Justinmiller13 replied to simplymarvelous2010's response:
Do you have brown discharge? What does spotting looks like? Thanks
northern_girl responded:
I haven't gone through odd cycle days, but I am not sure what's happening with me. I am not due to have my period for about 10 days yet, but I am having nausea and food aversions. I have had some abdominal cramping, but I thought it was related to my bowel movements, or lack of, at the time.
We are TTC, but have only been for a very short time.
Would anyone suggest possible pregnancy, or is this gastrointestinal??
simplymarvelous2010 replied to Justinmiller13's response:
I hAd spotting last week Wednesday but it wasn't brown, it was bright red. I assumed I was going to get my period but nothing. It was just a streak of red when I wiped after using restroom...

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