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dont know
72678 posted:
ok i am a day late for my period i took a test yesterday and today both negative i have had some cramping very mildly also having egg white clumps come out when i pee sorry tmi i know lol i am just confused i have 2 kids already so i think i would know whats going on im never late only time ive ever been late was because i was preggo i dont know please help
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Being a few days late for your period doesn't necessarily mean you're pregnant. I've been 2-3 days late and not been pregnant. I wouldn't test again until you're at least a week late.
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72678 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
still no period having clear mucus come out slight cramping and now the boobs are starting to hurt
Justinmiller13 replied to 72678's response:
Me too. Im 3days late. We had sex but my boyfriend didnt penetrate inside me. Im confused
An_250560 replied to Justinmiller13's response:
How did you have sex without penetration? Was it just oral?
72678 responded:
ok update I am now 12 days late with negative tests this has never happened missing a period without having a positive test so I guess im gonna wait to see if I get my next period which is about 13 days away lol feeling so lost
lovebird79 replied to 72678's response:
How frustrating!
Women do miss their periods... it's not uncommon.
But it also is not completely unheard of to get a negative hpt the first few weeks/months of pregnancy.

You could always call your doctor and see if they think you should come in.

Otherwise, find something to do for the next two weeks so you don't drive yourself crazy

Good luck
72678 replied to lovebird79's response:
hello again after being two weeks late I got my period and it was normal lasting three and a half days with a medium flow i guess that the stress of something that happened to my youngest child is what made me late the incident happened 4 days before the date of my original date of my cycle was supposed to start its crazy what stress can do to your body its funny I was more worried about early menopause then being preggo again lol cause im only 34 years old

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need help!!
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