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4 days late with BFN's
MyMonkeyFaces posted:
My Af has always come on time even after breastfeeding after 12 months my period came back right on target. After 3 months of regular af and not using any kind of bc and not temping!! I used my normal calendars and calculating my periods and fertile days. We BD right in the middle of the time frame. Now I am 4 days late with no pms signs or positive hpts. I'm not testing in the morning because I plain forget or am in a rush to pee and then go get my 14 month old. When answering please be considerate of people's feeling, and ideas of conceiving. I've had enough 'stupid bashing' on other sites because I don't temp. and before you can answer.. I don't temp because 1. because I have no experience with it because I don't see IMO a need for them for me myself and I 2. I have an 8 yr old and a 14 month old I barely get to use the bathroom alone for more than 2 minutes, so i won't have the mind to do it. I do appreciate any suggestions and comments.. I have just been very emotional today and can't take any more meanness. yes... I'm nausea,tired and being crying all day..
tlkittycat1968 responded:
You could be pregnant and not showing on the tests (it happens) or you may have not ovulated and usually no ovulation means no period.

If you can, try to test first thing in the morning.

Either way, I wouldn't worry just yet but if you miss a second period and are still getting negative tests, see your doctor.
Proud mommy to PJ (5)
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Don't worry about the temping either. I never did and got pregnant with two kids just fine.
Proud mommy to PJ (5)
MyMonkeyFaces replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Thank you. I've just been so so nausea all day I have no appetite, and I seriously cried at Spongebob today... my DS thinks I'm going nuts. IDK what to do I have taken a test last Wednesday with a big fat no and then yesterday and today with a big fat no. It's not like I am dying to be pregnant so it's not my mind playing tricks (no offense) but I just have never ever been late with my period and now I am. I used the ovulation calendar and even used a period calendar checker to help chart how many days my cycle is on (28) so my last af was May 31rst to June 4th. The ovulation calendar gave me my most fertile days were the 11-15th we bd on the 12. A week later I started getting heaviness on my pelvis and small stabbing pains in the middle of my lower abs. Little nausea every day since then. My af was to start June 28th Friday and here it is Monday... IDK what to think anymore.. I just want to lay in bed and cry... even I roll my eyes at that thought.
72678 responded:
im in the same boat i am 6 days late and getting negative tests im gonna call my doc tomarrow cause i need some freaking answers lol i have two kids and the only time ive ever missed periods is when i found out i was preggo with them ive been cramping here and there very tired and having spotty headaches and alot of discharge i just dont know whats up

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