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Help! I think I'm pregnant
An_252969 posted:
I'm panicking a little and afraid to take a pregnancy test. The date of my last menstrual cycle was June 19th. I left for Europe on June 23rd and stayed for an entire month, so the last time my boyfriend and I had sex was on June 22nd, during my period. On July 8-9 (days 20-21) I had really mild, light brown spotting, that I assumed was ovulation bleeding from a late ovulation due to jet lag (I'm from the US and flew across 6 time zones). I came back to the US on July 19th. My cycle is not extremely regular, it usually ranges from 27-35 days. I flew back and forth to Europe during this cycle, but I've never had jet lag affect my period this badly before, and now I'm wondering if I actually ovulated really early and that spotting was implantation bleeding. I know that implantation occurs 6-12 days after sex so it seems unlikely that would be the case... But I don't know. Like I said, I'm afraid to take the test. Irrational, I know. I just started feeling PMS symptoms yesterday but I know those ate pretty similar to pregnancy. Any advice?
lovebird79 responded:
I know it's scary, but take the test.
This will help you feel better because you will know for sure.

Travel can mess you up too, so your other option is to de-stress (because stress messes up your cycle as well) and wait to see if aunt flo comes next month.

Good luck... and no matter what happens it will all be okay

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have heard the same thing from my sister who is the mother of five so this is more then likely true.. More
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