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pregnant? just missed period? something else?
An_253009 posted:
so I keep track of my cycle and times im intimate pretty well, so now im totally confused and looking to see if anyone else has similar experience or any answers..

I stopped getting my depo since april (just because of health issues)
I continued to have a regular cycle while on depo also.
I had a regular cycle in may, and also june (14-19).
I was intimate the night of the 20th and then on the 26th.
I started spotting July 2nd - July 5th.
I was intimate late night July 5 and 6th.
I started spotting the 7th, and then on the 9th.
My cycle should have started around the 18th.
It now the 31st, I had very light spotting only when I wiped on the 29th, and on the 30th it was more regular but it was very dark red and brown, it stopped at night, but now continued this morning.
ive taken test (cheap ones) and they have all said negative.

Throughout all this my boobs have been very sensitive, at one point they hurt to just wear a bra. ive had heart burn really bad. bloating after I ate. kind of constipation. headaches. extremely tired. a sinus infection. very white discharge. increase in feeling aroused. my left nipple has a burning sensation. I eat my normal amount and still feel empty. ive also went from feeling possibly pregnant, to not feeling like anything.

I exercise and lift weights, light lately since I haven't knew whats going on with my body.

Any ideas?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
You may have not ovulated and usually no ovulation means no period. I'd wait and see if your next period comes and if it doesn't and you're still getting negative results, see your doctor.
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