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djulia7 posted:
am 21 years old and so not ready to have children, but im terrified i might be pregnant.

not putting the puzzle pieces together until after the fact, i had sex 1 day after ovulation july 28. no protection or birth control was used and he did not pull out. i felt funny the next day, nothing i thought i should be worried about. i started to notice my breasts feeling very sore and they looked at least 1 cup size bigger. Ive been having intense mood swings and i feel much more weak and tired than usual. Ive had some cramping as well as constipation and nausea. these are all very similar symptoms to when i get my period but all of this is happening a week before my normal period should come. i have an extremely regular period and is not usual for this to be happening. i woke up yesterday morning and thought i got my period. the blood was brown and pinkish color and has not been a regular flow. except i thought implantation bleeding only lasted for a short amount of time. the flow is very irregular and isnt as heavy as a normal period, but heavier than what i thought implantation bleeding would be. today is the second day and the bleeding is now spotting. im so scared...please help.

any advice is greatly appreciated

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lovebird79 responded:
You should take a hpt.

Also, I know you know this, but always use protection if you are not ready to have a baby... also to protect yourself from diseases.

Instead of stressing over it, try to rationally think of a game plan... what will your first step be if you do find out you are pregnant and who will your support system be.

Although this will not completely rid you of your stress (it's stressful even when you are ready) but it should help alleviate some of it knowing that you have a plan.

Good luck!

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