Very worried/stressed, advice appreciated!
An_253075 posted:
I went on BC in February at the recommendation of several doctors due to the fact that I get very bad hormonal headaches at various points of my menstrual cycle, and was considering become more sexually active with my (now ex-boyfriend). I didn't like the way it made me feel (extra moody, no sex drive, etc.) so I went off the pill in May. My cycle seemed to return to normal pretty much, but it wasn't as regular as it had been in the past (I used to be 32 days apart typically). [br>[br>My last sexual encounter was in the middle of June. We only did anal sex, I was fastidious about the cleanup, and I took two of my leftover BC pills afterwards to act as an emergency contraceptive, just in case (my GYN told me I could do this). My (assumed) June period came about a week later (end of June, into July), but was technically 3-5 days early based on my old cycle, pre-BC. Now, it is August and I haven't had a period. I use an app where I have kept detailed track of my periods for over two years, and it slated me to begin July 31, although that was only a 28 day cycle, so I didn't panic, knowing I usually am in the 30s. I am well-past my normal period time now, even for me. [br>[br>So much has changed in the last two months. I broke up with my boyfriend, which led to a ton of stress, moved back home, began a new job, and am getting ready to leave for Romania for two weeks tomorrow. This month has been crazy and my stress has been pretty high, and I know that can effect my cycle. I have only ever missed one other cycle completely before, and it was also stress related (finals in college).[br>[br>My questions:[br>-Could my "period" in June have been implantation bleeding? It was a normal amount of bleeding for me. I have always been on the heavy side, and it lasted for a normal amount of days.I am just worried because i have read implantation bleeding usually takes place around 7-9 days after ovulation, which is when mine started. I also don't know if somehow my taking of the two BC pills could have thrown something in my hormones off that has effected this month as well? [br>[br>-Is it weird to have a late period the month after having an early one?[br>[br>-When should I take a test if I haven't had a period? As I said, I am leaving tomorrow for a family trip overseas, and I know I won't be able to take one then, so it will at least have to wait two weeks. Should I try and take one tomorrow before I leave?[br>[br>-I definitely do not want a child right now (esp. as the potential father and I aren't even together) and would definitely get a termination if I were to get pregnant. Does anyone know how far along someone can be and still get the medication abortion? Also, how could I go about handling this without letting my parents know. I am 23, and don't want to tell them. How can I hide the cost from them? What would the cost be (on average)? (I can pay, and could probably get the father to help pay as well)[br>[br>I understand the use of condoms, and BC of other sorts. I have never had vaginal sex, but still understand I could get pregnant from a "cross-contamination" of sorts (fingers, proximity, etc.). [br>[br>Thank you for any and all advice! I am trying not to stress out even more about the situation, because if it is stress, I know that won't help!
lovebird79 responded:
My guess is that it's stress related.
There is a way better chance of you having a missed period due to stress than cross-contamination from anal intercourse.

And, if your period was a normal flow for several days, than chances are it was not implantation bleeding.

Implantation bleeding is very light and sometime unnoticeable.

my advice is to wait until your next period is due - if you miss that one than test again... but I'm pretty sure you aren't pregnant.