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Could I Be??
Steph41710 posted:
Okay, my LMP was July 26, I was done by July 30. My husband and I had sex on July 31, August 3, August 5 and 6 and now my boobs are sore, and I have been nauseus the last 2 days. I'm really tired (but life has had me busy lately) and I'm really moody...caught myself crying at a commercial the other day. Yes, as bad as it is, I'm a smoker and the cigarettes have made the nausia worse and they don't taste right. I'm not due to start until August 22. I guess in general, I just feel off. Has anyone experienced really early symptoms of pregnancy and been able to test earlier than a missed period and gotten a positive? My husband and I are trying and maybe my radar is heightened and I want to pregnant so bad that my head is telling me I'm having symptoms and I'm just imagining it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It's too early for symptoms and those women who say they had symptoms that early are usually looking back after finding out they are pregnant and attributing random symptoms as pregnancy symptoms.

I agree that it could just be your head playing games with you since you really want to be pregnant. I rememer when I was trying to get pregnant and thought every little thing meant I was pregnant when I wasn't.
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lovebird79 responded:
if you ovulated early on in your cycle, than you could potentially be pregnant.

Even if you aren't though... you should take this opporunity to quit smoking since it tastes weird.

I was a long time smoker as well, but was able to quit when we started trying after finding out not only the damage it can do to your child, but knowing how it can negatively impact your fertility.

Good luck!

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