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The waiting game is so hard!
clabjw17 posted:
So my husband and I decided that we wanted to try and have our 2nd child. Over the weekend, I was definitely ovulating and we dtd 3 nights in a row. I swear I can tell I'm prego already! My breasts feel just a little more swollen, I gained a few pounds, crazy chocolate cravings, I'm going to the bathroom so much and I have this weird "knot" in my stomach. Another thing I noticed is over the weekend, Saturday and Sunday morning I woke up with this overwhelming sense of nausea. My period isn't due until the 26th so I still have some time before I can take a test and it's killing me! I'm so anxious to find out! I hope this all isn't in my head b/c of wishful thinking! Haha
Any body else just "know"?
hopefulmommytobe2612 responded:
I am definitely in the same boat! I'm trying to have my first though. Me and my fianc? have tried a LOT this month, especially around the time i was supposed to ovulate because my periods aren't really planned. I've been having cramp-like pains but its more of a knot, I've been peeing more frequently and I've put on a few pounds. I've been craving McDonald's like crazy! Also, I have been exhausted. I wish you the best of luck!
rremedios responded:
Hi clabjw17!

It's been two weeks since you posted and your period was due yesterday. I'm wondering how things are going for you.

I'm in a weird/waiting situation as well. My period was due just this last Thurs (22Aug) and it never really came. I experienced some spotting on the 25 and 26 but nothing like my regular flow. I took a test the day after my missed period and it was neg. but it may have been too early to take it as well and the result may not be accurate. I don't want to be overreacting or creating a psychosomatic "pregnancy" but I am legitimately experiencing symptoms and I feel quite convinced that I "know"

So, I definitely wanted to hear from you and see how your experience is going.

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